I don’t know how this is going to work out…but will America keep its word to Afghani women?

Of course we want to get out of Afghanistan, and of course it is a nightmare, and of course we want to leave Afghanistan on the right path.   But…is that going to happen?  Abandoning the women of Afghanistan, if that happens, would not be leaving them on the right path.   We promised them we would not abandon them.

Right now the US, President Karzai and the Taliban are joined in talks – peace talks.  I am always hoping for the best (and want the best) but I am not naive about the Taliban and what they have done and what their ideology is.  It is horrible for women.  Words don’t begin to describe their views of women, what they have done to specifically women and how they treat women in general.   Americans treat their pets better – much better – than they treat women.  I don’t need to tell you how absolutely rotten the Taliban is and has been to women.  What worries me is that I don’t know how you convince someone to change his ideology and their wretched hatred of women is central to theirs.

When I was in Afghanistan with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a year or so ago, she met with Afghani women.  The room was very small and I was inches from the Afghani women and about 8 feet from the Secretary.  I had no trouble hearing.  The message the Secretary brought from the USA and President Obama was very strong.  She told those Afghani women – who were incredibly worried – that the American people would not abandon them.  I hope we keep our word.

What do you think?