ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD (someone I know just made a donation to Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritans Purse so that they can buy 100 for children in Haiti!)

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There is NOTHING like opportunity!  After the earthquake in Haiti that killed 300,000, many children became orphans.  Parents either died or simply gave up their children.  You could drive down the street and just see a 4 year old wandering – no home, no food.  I have also heard of stories where rape victims in the displaced camps just deserted the children.  The emotional pain of the rape left them unable or unwilling to raise the children they bore.

Many Americans are working in Haiti to help.   I have traveled there often with Samaritans Purse and Reverend Franklin Graham and I can assure you that what Samaritans Purse (and other Americans) do for the orphan children in Haiti is amazing.  [CLICK HERE to read more about Samaritans Purse in Haiti and around the world] They are currently building a new school and home for the 100 or so orphan children they care for. 

Just recently, a contribution was made to Samaritans Purse so that Samaritans Purse could purchase 100 computers for the orphan children.  This will open doors for those kids – giving them a chance that they would not otherwise have.  I don’t need to tell you how important learning is or what opportunities can be realized with a computer.

What kind of computers?  The XO.  It is a very, very special computer – and very durable since kids are not known to be that careful with things. Here are some pics of my assistant with the XO computer …plus click on the link below to read stories about the XO.  The XO is literally all over the world and changing lives every second!  The computer is under $250 but it sure packs a punch and can do everything!  The XO computer idea is quite remarkable.  The computers are also given directly to the children so that the children actually OWN them.  Owning something, and taking pride in it, is important to children – especially children who have nothing. 


CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORIES about the XO computer and how it is changing lives of children all over the planet.