BUSH 8092

This pic was taken very early one morning in the UAE – we were there with President George W. Bush.  After an interview with him, he told me to walk with him.  We walked over to the edge of the terrace, overlooking the Strait of Hormuz.  Of course on the other side of the Strait of Hormuz is Iran and our conversation turned to the topic of Iran and nuclear weapons.  

All these years later, the discussion overlooking the Strait of Hormuz would no doubt be the same today….Iran and nuclear weapons.  Iran still wants them – and maybe that will happen even soon.  President Bush was worried about a nuclear armed Iran when the pic was taken and President Obama is worried now.  And Israel?  Israel is worried more than we can imagine.

When I see pics like this on my laptop, I am also reminded of how many places in the world I have been in my job….and of course I regret that I can’t travel more or that others in the news business do not travel more.  You learn so much by traveling (rather than reporting from what you read on the internet which has understandably become the daily diet for many in the media.)  Unfortunately, travel is time consuming and expensive…very expensive.  In these very tough days, news organizations have cut back, too.  You can certainly understand that.  

I am grateful to Fox for sending us all around the world covering many stories, and interviewing newsmakers.  I know Fox has many tough choices to make with limited resources (like every news organizations…these news organizations are not made of money) and I hope the depth of our reporting at 10pm has made this worth every dime.  I also hope we have not disappointed you.