Sen. Santorum’s campaign challenges Michigan delegate count


See press release from Senator Santorum’s presidential campaign below…



Verona, PA – The Rick Santorum for President has sent a letter to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus requesting the RNC’s Legal Counsel investigate the actions of the Michigan Republican Party and all other actors involved in the decision to change the delegate allocation rules after the election in the Michigan Republican Presidential Primary.

In the letter, Santorum for President General Counsel, Cleta Mitchell, outlines the rules previously approved by the Michigan Republican Party that had been publicly stated and accepted by all parties participating in the Michigan Republican Party. Had the rules been followed, both Governor Romney and Senator Santorum would have received one at-large delegate each.

Mitchell goes on to note:

“This request is not about the allocation of a single delegate; it is about ensuring a transparent electoral process, avoiding unscrupulous tactics and backroom deals by establishment figures and campaigns who may have not received the result they hoped for at the ballot box.

Elections are about the voters expressing their will, not a group in a backroom deciding how delegates should be awarded in a manner that is contrary to the rules adopted before the election.

The rules were publicly stated, publicly accepted, and our campaign played by those rules. To change the rules after the fact is something we would not expect to be condoned within our Party, which has a long history of fighting for freedom and integrity at the ballot box. And to condone such behavior by any entity – whether it be a State or Local Party or a campaign for the highest office in our nation – is a black-eye to the leadership of our Party.”

CLICK HERE to read the complete investigation request.