David Axelrod….really, going on Bill Maher? And what about the million dollars?

Is everyone for sale? At least Ed Schultz and Rush Limbaugh apologized (which I think appropriate) for their boorish behavior and their boorish behavior is nothing like Bill Maher! Maher is a serial pig. And Maher, to get cover for continuous vile behavior, gives a million dollars to the Obama super Pac so that the President looks the other way and the President does. Go figure! Is that the Obama price tag for decency? Give a million and you can be as nasty to women as you want? How does President Obama – who dragged his daughters into this, I did not – handle this with his daughters when Maher is the quintessential woman degrader? The C word to women – Maher’s apparent favorite – is as vile as it gets. Do you wonder if the Obama campaign is laughing with Bill Maher? Or worse…laughing at Americans?

PS: Bill Maher can’t hide behind, “I am comedian.”  Being a comedian is not license to be a bigot or degrade women.  Seinfeld is more successful and never degrading.