Do you sometimes feel like Goldman Sachs and the Obama Administration (and past administrations) are in bed together?

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I don’t know Jake Siewert and he is probably a great guy but I sure am suspicious of Goldman Sachs and the revolving door with the Obama Administration and past Administrations.  It never stops.  And the name Goldman Sachs comes up way too often in connection to serious financial stories.  Coincidence? or could selfishness be interfering with good judgment?

  It is hard not to think that the “fix is in” when it comes to the management of our economy.  The more I see one name – eg Goldman Sachs – the more I want diversity.  I would like to see some people from Topeka…or Denver…or Milwaukee etc. ..instead the road leads too often to and from Goldman Sachs.  What do you think?

Jake Siewert heads to Goldman

By: Ben White

March 13, 2012 02:03 PM EDT


Jake Siewert, former counselor to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and press secretary at the end of the second Clinton administration, has landed at Goldman Sachs, where he will be a managing director and head of global corporate communications.


Siewert is expected to inherit the portfolio of Lucas van Praag, a long-time Goldman executive who ran the public relations department and developed a reputation for his sharp wit and barbed emails to reporters he believed had misrepresented the bank. Van Praag is expected to leave within weeks.


Siewert will CLICK HERE