News just for GretaWire bloggers

I am not really sure what to write.  The news below is sad. GretaWire has been up and running for years and years and as a consequence many of us have gotten to know each other — usually just by some alias /  log in name but we know each other.   We have had good times together and yes, we have had some heated times where we clobber each other with a harsh remark but we all get over it and still keep coming back to blog with each other.  

So it is with great sadness that I post the letter below.

Hi Greta,


I thought you would want to know that one of the most active bloggers on GW has lost his battle with cancer. For you, he is also a fellow citizen and resident of Wisconsin. Northernmost, as he called himself on your blog, has been unable to blog for almost a month; yet, he remains on the list of the top five most active bloggers here. He has family in Pennsylvania and came east to visit them last summer. While he and his wife were there, they drove down to Maryland, spent an afternoon/evening here and visited with me and my family. It’s not often that we bloggers have an opportunity like that. We were fortunate enough to have a lovely summer day and I will cherish that memory forever. My heart is so heavy today with the realization that he is gone from here, though I’m comforted to know that he no longer suffers. BTW, he was not elderly. He was 56 years old.


He will be missed by many on GW and I just wanted to let you know that he passed away last night at about 9:30pm. Rest in peace, dear Dennis.


Thanks for the opportunity to meet others on your blog, Greta. He was a dear friend, whom I will remember always!