Notes from FNC’s Shannon Bream – “Gov Brewer getting boo’ed … massive”

Rough notes from FNC’s Shannon Bream covering the US Supreme Court argument about the controversial illegal immigration bill:


Justices across the bd expressed sentiment that AZ has a problem on its hands and has some level of state sovereignty when it comes to keeping people outside its borders who the feds already acknowledge shouldn’t be here. Chief Justice Roberts at one pt said something like, “I don’t think the feds even want to know how many illegals are here.” Once again Verrilli had a rough day. At one pt Justice Sotomayor said “You’re arguments aren’t selling. What else have you got?”. (Paraphrase)


Biggest apparent skeptics of A Z law in the end: Sotomayor, Breyer


Gov Brewer getting loudly boo’ed in front of ct – massive

Shannon D. Bream – sent via Blackberry