This is how bad it is getting …. now Sandra Fluke’s future father in law?

I just read that Sandra Fluke is engaged.  As you may recall, she was at the center of the firestorm over contraception / freedom of religion.   She has her big fans and she has her big not fans.

It is reported that her future father in law William Mutterperl (who I don’t know nor ever met) is a major donor to the Democratic Party.  Really? Is that supposed to suggest something sinister about Sandra Fluke….her future father in law?  Seriously?

If you have a problem with Sandra Fluke, take her on for her views and actions  —  but it is a real stretch to talk about her future father in law.

By the way, what’s next? her 2nd cousin?

When are we all going to raise the white flag and stop trying to trash each other gratuitously?  DEBATE issues….but let’s stop being petty.  I will try, too.