Every day (behind the scenes) I am pounding the pavement about the Sudan – trying to get attention to this genocide

FG and Greta Visit to South Sudan

Two weeks ago this weekend I was in the refugee camp in South Sudan and I was in the Nubba Mountains of Sudan where President Bashir is exterminating his people by bombs and burning their villages.  You have seen many of the pictures and it breaks your heart.

As noted before, I don’t want to flood you with too many pictures and posts about the genocide in Sudan but I figure you will bear with me for one pic a day.  I am trying to draw attention to the crisis there — the genocide by President Bashir.  I realize there is genocide all over the world and we can’t stop it all…but at least by my posts (and by my pulpit) I am trying to spotlight it.  You should know that I talk to members of Congress all the time about it – hoping that this might help a bit.  This does seem like the impossible crisis and one of enormous magnitude.  I would also like to get other news organizations interested in this story.  I do know that some news organizations have reported about it — e.g. the NY Times and Ann Curry of NBC — but more is needed.  In this media business, it can be hard to get people interested in some stories and you have to just keep pushing and pushing.   You do what you can to develop a megaphone so that you can use it to put the spotlight on those stories which have really captured you …and the genocide in Sudan has really captured me.

By the way, this pic was taken by the Samaritans Purse photo Paul Sherar.