Karl Rove’s map — if election held today, who? Pres Obama or Gov Romney?

Screen Shot 2012-04-27 at 11.33.17 AM


*  Of course November is a long way off but I am curious about Karl putting Wisconsin now in the Pres Obama column.  Pres Obama won Wisconsin by about 12 points in 2008 (which is big) — but then 2 years later the Wisconsin voters elected a Republican Governor (Scott Walker.)  That swing to the right (Republican) in 2010 was a bad sign for President Obama.  But now?  Well….the voters of Wisconsin have signed a petition for recall election (early June) of Gov Scott Walker.  Does that mean another swing and this time in President Obama’ss direction?  How Governor Walker does in that recall election may be a clue as to whether Pres Obama or Gov Romney will win in November in Wisconsin.  Of course adding to the uncertainty of the recall election in June is that money is pouring in to both sides from out of state….so …stay tuned…but I just don’t think anyone can predict Wisconsin now.  Your thoughts?

NOTE: I lifted map from mediaite.com