Polite note to Politico’s Tim Mak: it isn’t just ‘some jokes’ is it “retard producing c*** ” – let’s stop sugar coating it…let’s put the words right out there for discussion

I don’t know ONE member of the media who thinks it is acceptable to make fun of disabled children (classic bullying by adults) or demean women.  Yet…when we in the media are sloppy, or fail to face the facts or even prefer to sugar coat to protect friends, the story gets distorted.  Here is what Tim Mak of Politico had to say about me today, in part:

“…Van Susteren recently criticized the Radio and Television Correspondents Association for asking comedian Louie C.K. to perform at their 2012 dinner because she objected to his jokes about former Gov. Sarah Palin.

Objected to jokes?  and just about Governor Palin?  Well…that is sugar coating it and putting the whole episode in a false light.   Let me repeat the words for Mr. Mak: “retard producing c***” and that is only part of his act.  He says I objected – that’s right.   I don’t want to sit at a $10,000 media table at a big media event (not the one tonight), as a captive audience, listening to a guy who makes a living, in part, making fun of disabled children and demeaning women in a gross way (and yes, I can laugh at jokes about women, including myself,  but most agree the ‘c’ word is a sign of demeaning, and not humor.)  I didn’t say he had no right to say it — he does, the First Amendment is big – but is this really funny?  making fun of disabled children who already have grave challenges ahead of them and can’t fight back against a highly paid comedian by the media?  And gratuitous demeaning of women? 

What has surprised me most of all is that when I made plain my view, I turned around and thought everyone in the media would be right there with me…that they would agree – making fun of disabled children and demeaning women – was out of bounds.  

What I discovered was a silence from most of the media and I continue to read stories like Mr. Mak’s where what was said by this so called comedian is now reduced to (and sugar coated as) “objected to his jokes.”  Either Mr. Mak just did not dig deep enough to read what the so called jokes were or else he thinks it funny to make fun of disabled children and demean women.  I am confidant it is the former, and not the latter.  

Let me repeat: I have never met anyone in the media who would deliberately make fun of disabled children and I am sure Mr. Mak would not.  I think,  in the rush to post his story, Mr. Mak did not research why I did not want to listen to the guy – what the guy uses to make his living – and Mak just went with the viral sugar coated version.  

I am sure we all know a family struggling with having a child of special needs – it is very difficult and making jokes about it is all the more painful for the family.

PS I know all the left wingers will think my defense of Palin is sinister and a political statement just like last week when all the right wingers thought the same of my defense of Hilary Rosen (on another issue) was a political statement.   Neither was.