At the table with Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Lindsay Lohan – yes, many in politics and the media were star struck even if they are today denying it! I have proof!

dinner 151

What was it like at the table with Kim, Kris and Lindsay?  Well….people just did not stop coming up to the table to meet then and take pictures.  Some people just came up to the table and snapped pictures.  People, who you would not think fans, were coming up to the table to meet them and get pics.  Many might deny it, but there were lots of people who were star struck.

Here is a sample:

In this pic, I looked up and this man was taking their picture.  I don’t know him, but he sure wanted their pic!

PS – this was a party!  People were supposed to mingle and have fun.  It is the one night a year in Washington that it happens…so if you are inclined to criticize, give everyone a break.