Since I have your attention….

sudan 156

OK..this may be cheating…but I do know I have grabbed some attention with the Lindsay Lohan, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian pics…so can you do me a favor and look at these pics from my recent trip to Sudan, the Nuba Mountains and the refugee camp?


President Bashir is killing his own people and to the extent I can get all of us talking about it, I am hoping to get some momentum towards trying to stop it. This genocide will never stop unless everyone is outraged, everyone is talking about it.  So…let me sneak a few of the pics into GretaWire right now. The pic immediately below is one I took at a refugee camp and food was being thrown from the truck to very hungry people (yes, starving.)


PS – this is not to say we can’t enjoy ourselves ….my husband just said I am a “buzz kill” …but rather to make sure we don’t forget.