Check out this viewer email – READ AND POST YOUR COMMENT

I have been flooded with all sort of emails about the WHCD.  I thought the one below interesting… and tell me what you think:



Hi Greta,

Take a moment here, it’s about Kim Kardashian…


I was in Australia when Kim K, was there. She was going to the Melbourne Cup (Australia’s Kentucky Derby)

She was on TV every where. Just as she is/does here doing different network circuit appearances.


My mother (85 then) had never heard of her.

So I did my best to create what she does here, to what she was doing there, and how the Press here/their make many comments about her but continue to have her on TV.

And cameras follow her every where.


My mother again asked, what she did? I again tried explaining. :)


In the end my mother said, “Good for her” and thought it hysterical the Press/Paparazzi followed her around, while making snide remarks.

I agreed with my mother (of course lol)


I guess it came down to “If Kim is smart enough to make a living off the Press, and the Press is silly enough to pay her for it, then all the more power to Kim.

I agreed with my mother (of course lol) Agreeing with my mother twice, I should have been given a medal. LOL


Anyway, thats just a little story looking in from the outside, with the Presses version by a totally neutral person (my mother) perspective who’d never heard of Kim.