I just got this email in defense of Lindsay Lohan about something that happened at the dinner the other night

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Below is an email I just received about Lindsay Lohan and something that happened the other night.  Apparently it leaked out that she gave a woman some money at the WHCD the other night.  It was given to a woman who was cleaning the restroom  and after the leak of the story, there were then stories that it had not occurred making Lindsay look like a liar (although she was not the source of the leak.)  I am told it DID happen (I was not there at the time) – see below – and that Lindsay did it privately and never intended for publicity about it.  She was merely being generous and now is getting slammed by some who said it did not happen. 

So ..here is the email (from my friend Elaine Lafferty who was there ..in the restroom)

Greta…. it’s so outrageous that some people are saying that the story about Lindsay giving the bathroom attendant a $100 bill is untrue or that she did it for publicity! I accompanied her to the bathroom and saw the whole thing…she did the whole thing so quietly and privately…if anything she may be upset that the story got out. Some folks just won’t give this decent woman a break.

[from Elaine Lafferty]