Here is Senator Grassley’s statement to accompany the letter from the Secret Service just posted (scroll one blog post back)


For Immediate Release

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Senator Chuck Grassley released the following statement after receiving a response to his April 20 letter to the Secret Service Director and the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General. The response contains sensitive information about the ongoing investigation, but the Secret Service indicated that its investigation has found no evidence that any other Secret Service personnel at the Hilton, other than the individual already identified, had overnight guests. A redacted version of the Secret Service’s response is attached.


Here is Grassley’s comment.


“Since the Secret Service did not request the records of the White House personnel, an open and transparent response from the President’s Counsel is even more imperative. Unfortunately, more than a week after my inquiry, I’ve yet to hear from anybody at the White House. I appreciate the Secret Service’s transparency in response to Congress, even with sensitive information.”