Think about this one …


OK…I waited a few days to post this….

Have you noticed how many in the media complained that I brought Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner to the 3 hours social event – the White House Correspondents Dinner?  Some very serious journalists were scandalized and wrote about it or even muttered things to some of my friends….how could I?!!?   Right?

OK…my turn…why are those media critics – with their big megaphones – so consumed with my dinner guests for one night – a social event – yet NONE of the ‘holier than thou’ (with the exception of the Huffington Post) wrote or uttered ONE word about my trip to Sudan to report on genocide?  Thousands and thousands ..bombed…burned…hiding in caves….and eating bugs and leaves.

Should the critics not ask themselves: why are you more interested in using your blog space or other space or even in conversation to my friends to criticize my guests for a 3 hour dinner than using that same space to write (report) about the tens of thousands of innocent refugees getting bombed by their President and being starved to death?   There was complete silence about that!  I can take the criticism about my dinner guests  — but what I need is for others in the media help these people who are being murdered by their President.

PS – Two other things….one, I had fun with my guests …. it was social event.  Second, I much appreciate what NBC’s Ann Curry has already done to put the spotlight on the genocide….she did the story first…..and I appreciate Al Roker, who I also talked to that night, and who has some good ideas to help.