TEA PARTY SUPPORTERS – AND NON TEA PARTER SUPPORTERS – AND PEOPLE JUST FASCINATED BY POLITICS – make sure you watch ABC’s THIS WEEK w/ Jake Tapper (we are discussing a topic you are really interested in!)

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As you know (if you read GretaWire), I will be a panelist tomorrow on ABC’s THIS WEEK.  One of the topics the panel will be discussing is this fascinating Senate race in Indiana.

Are you watching the Senate contest in Indiana?

It is a Tea Party candidate (Richard Mourdock) v. 6 term incumbent Senator Richard Lugar. 

There is a primary this week to pick one of the two to face the Dem in the general election in Nov…and what makes this particularly interesting are the ‘who’s who’ of endorsements and  the fact that the polls show that come November, Senator Lugar would do better against the Democratic candidate Rep Donnelly in November than Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock….but Mourdock is ahead of Lugar in the primary.

I saw a poll that puts Mourdock ahead in the primary by 10 points but he is only neck and neck against Rep Donnelly in the general election in November. Lugar, on the other hand is in much stronger position against Donnelly in November (but way behind Mourdock in the primary.)   With the Republicans hoping to win back the Senate, this is not an inconsequential issue.

So the question:  will the Republicans in Indiana worry about the general election and the chance of winning the Senate back — or are they confidant if they pick Mourdock on Tuesday that he can beat Rep Donnelly in November?

Make sure you watch ABC’s THIS WEEK tomorrow. 

As for the endorsers, 

MOURDOCK:  Santorum, Palin, Bachmann

LUGAR:  McCain and Ind Gov Daniels