GREAT MOTHER’S DAY BOOK: “Bay and Her Boys” (Unexpected Lessons She Learned as a Single Mother) – by Bay Buchanan

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Today I was on ABC’s THIS WEEK (Jake Tapper) with other panelists – including Bay Buchanan.  We were talking before we got called to the studio and she told me about her book.  It is obviously a great book for Mother’s Day — or any time.  I told her that you all on GretaWire are big readers and so I am giving you a tip…

Read the description from Amazon:

Twenty-three years ago, Bay Buchanan was thrown–or as she says, dumped–into the world of single parenting. It wasn’t a popular time to be raising kids solo, especially as a rising star in the conservative movement. But she quickly realized she needed to overcome the hurt and confusion and focus on giving her all to her children.

Bay and Her Boys is a compelling story that takes the reader on a candid trip into the world of single working motherhood. For the first time, Buchanan writes of her experiences–mistakes she made and rules that worked–in the hopes of encouraging mothers to make success at home their first priority in life.

Buchanan also wants to change the national dialogue about single moms with a shot across the bow of both conservatives and liberals. This book is the first step by a prominent conservative to be there for all mothers: standing with them, inspiring them, and arming them with tools that will help their kids succeed in life.