An update from Sue Aikens in Alaska and some incredible photos


Remember Sue Aikens? We met and interviewed her for one of our OTR specials in Alaska. I received the email and photos below from Sue…check it out to see what she is up to!

Hi Greta!

I am ok. A bit worn out from winter and being so sick earlier this season. It took over 5 months to get my antibiotics to me, and so that made it tough for me to heal. I got bumped by larger companies and villages for my overland fuel delivery so…. you guessed it, I have to wait now until June to fly in fuel at a much greater price. It has left me running out of fuel before I can actually get more. I have drained everything I could to get fuel set aside for heat, but running the 8kw gen only happens about once a week to conserve. Spring has hit other places in Alaska, but not here. It was -12F with 30-40mph winds this morning and now, but they say I will warm up to 20 by Friday, woo hoo! I got 3-4ft of new snow this past week, yup, Winter still has a choke hold on me here.

I had a couple of little birds make it up, but they are gone now, and two geese that made it up, but didnt survive the lack of water. One wolverine dove beneath the floorboards trying to eat my fox buddies but was too fat to get to them so all night long all I could wait for was the sounds of it coming through the floor and up, but he found his way out and took off up North. hehehe

It’s always something out here. I am hoping to get to fly out and grab my grandkids and bring them up here for a month. Since I dont get time to visit with them down in the States… they can come up here and learn to fly planes and pet foxes :) I will be State-side from the 18th to the 27th of May.. (omg a shower and running water?? )

Hope you are doing great!!


1) Happy Foxy





2) I spread coffee grounds on the snow to deter bears (they dont like the acidic smell) and one of my birds landed there (too cold though and they left again)

3) Bright Eyes gets snowed on this week

4) Foxy Dog and a Sun Dog last night











5) Ice fog barreling at me across the tundra.

6) just a nice pic of the North Hill with a sun dog rainbow