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I have traveled to lots of places with big troubles — e.g. North Korea multiple times (I actually always feel safe in North Korea), Mexico (where the cartels REALLY hate journalists and seem to enjoy beheading them and hanging them from bridges), Sudan (where the President of Sudan had bombers flying over looking for targets – us), Afghanistan (not exactly women friendly or America friendly in all spots), India (and stayed in the hotel where just 6 months earlier terrorists took it over and murdered about 166 people) — but Pakistan is the only country that made me nervous.  I have been there a couple times and I find their markets and check points frightening.  I am not sure why I find Pakistan so unnerving.  But perhaps it is because we were told at one hotel in Pakistan not to get near the windows in our room because we could be targets…and we had to go through 3 (?) sets of metal detectors, baggage checks and check points to even get to the hotel lobby.

So….I will not be applying for THIS job..