Pres Secretary Carney asked about the newly released video of Al Qaeda kidnapped American aid worker

A 70 year old aid worker – Warren Weinstein – was kidnapped last August.  He was kidnapped while in Lahore, Pakistan.  Armed kidnappers broke into his home and took him away.  Yesterday a video was released by Al Qaeda – saying he will be killed unless President Obama agrees to their demands.  The video may be old – December? 

Below is rough draft of the Q and A to Press Secretary Jay Carney today about Mr. Weinstein:

 [click here to read an article about Mr. Weinstein an the kidnapping]

Q seen it? response?

CARNEY VERBATE 13:45:38 I do not know that he has seen it. 13:45:38 We remain greatly concerned for Mr Weinstein’s safety and his well-being. Our hearts to him & his family. 13:45:45 We condemn his kidnapping in the strongest terms and call for his immediate release. 13:45;49 The US govt will continue making every effort to see Mr Weinstein release safely to his family. But we cannot and will not negotiate with al qaeda 13:45;58