Tom Brokaw and WHCD – (from tvnewser)

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I am game to give Tom Brokaw’s idea a try next year – no more celebrities for our one big social night in Washington (WHCD) – but here is my request: in exchange, how do we get our colleagues in the media’s attention to such issues as genocide in Sudan?  does he have ideas? and could he help?

I had many, many, many stories mentioning that I brought Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, and Kris Jenner  to the dinner — but not a word (except Huffington Post picked up GretaWire and yesterday ABC’s Jake Tapper mentioned it when I was a guest on ABC’s THIS WEEK)  about my one week earlier trip to the Sudan where I shot video and took pictures of genocide.    I thought it odd that the media had lots of interest in my guest list at the WHCD – but not any interest in the my video and pics showing genocide in Sudan.

Imagine if we could get someone with the star power of Tom Brokaw to be more interested in the genocide going on in the Sudan than the guest list at a social event!  I would love that!  He could do so much to help because he is a very prominent and powerful person in the media.  I also know if he could see the pics (or even go there), he would be obsessed with the crisis, too.  You can’t go there and just walk away.  (By the way, if he takes me up on the offer,  I will talk to Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritans’ Purse to get him a tour of the refugee camps and the caves where people are hiding and starving to death.)

As an aside… I posted some White House Correspondents’ Dinner pics on GretaWire with a few Sudan genocide pics shuffled in it because I knew it would draw attention to the Sudan which I am desperately trying to do.  It is difficult to get attention to this genocide — and it is hard to look at the pictures so I try and balance them with lighter stuff.

You GretaWire bloggers know how bad it is: 300,000- 1.2 million starving, eating bugs, 105 degree temperatures and no water, hiding in caves…in short, being terrorized by their own President… is a crisis of a staggering dimension that is getting almost zero attention.  

….and, by the way, Kris, Lindsay and Kim were gracious guests and we had fun.  It was just one night so no one who did not like my guest list need not do a lot of handwringing.  And, I did not bring these guests as props to get everyone talking about the Sudan…I brought them because they are fun, very nice and it was a social night.


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