Is Rush Limbaugh now supporting Vice President Biden? Read this and post your thoughts!


Last week Rush Limbaugh blasted Vice President Joe Biden…saying he thinks that the VP is afraid of losing his place on the 2012 ticket. But did Rush suddenly have a change of heart? Here is what he said today:

“And you’ve noticed there’s been talk about maybe Hillary being on a ticket. Let me tell you something, Democrats. The problem is not Biden – I mean he is a problem but he’s not your re-election problem in 2012. Obama is your problem. If you’re thinking about changing the ticket, look to the top of it.”

The rumors persist that President Obama might at the last minute swap Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in for VP Biden, despite Secretary Clinton denying it over and over.

So what do you think? Should President Obama make Secretary Clinton his running mate? Or do you agree with Rush’s advice to the Democrats that the real problem is at the top of the ticket? Sound off!