President Obama is so far a ‘no show’ and now President Clinton is stepping in!

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I think it is embarrassing for President Obama that President Clinton is now stepping in to show party leadership and campaign for Mayor Barrett in Wisconsin while President Obama is and remains a no show.   President Obama won Wisconsin by 12 points (14?) in 2008 and now he won’t stop by and campaign for Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett who is challenging Governor Scott Walker?  Really?

I think it is a snub of Wisconsin Democrats, a snub of the unions who vigorously support Mayor Barrett and a snub of Mayor Barrett. 

It isn’t as though President Obama could not campaign for the Mayor – the President has 3 fundraisers in Minnesota on Friday…will then jump on AF1…fly OVER Wisconsin…and then land in Illinois for 3 more fundraisers for himself.  He could do a landing in Wisconsin to help his fellow Democrat.  It sure would make the President look like a leader for his party….instead President Clinton has to step in. 

What do you think?  Why isn’t President Obama stopping in Wisconsin (or will he change his mind?)  And what do you think about President Clinton campaigning in Wisconsin for Mayor Barrett?

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