AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka releases statement on Wisconsin recall results

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard
Trumka on Wisconsin Recall Election
June 5, 2012


Tonight working families across the country recognize the
courageous journey that nurses, teachers, firefighters, snowplow drivers and
other Wisconsinites led for more than a year. Though a seemingly impossible
task, they refused to allow their voices be taken away by an overreaching and
partisan governor. Whether it was standing in the snow, sleeping in the
Capitol, knocking on doors or simply casting a vote, we admire the heart and
soul everyone poured into this effort. Adding to this gargantuan challenge of
recalling only the third governor in American history was the flood of secret
corporate cash distorting our democracy – a dangerous example of a
post-Citizens United America.

We wanted a different outcome, but Wisconsin forced the governor
to answer for his efforts to divide the state and punish hard-working people.
Their resolve has inspired a nation to follow their lead and stand up for the
values of hard work, unity, and decency that we believe in. We hope Scott
Walker heard Wisconsin: Nobody wants divisive policies. It’s time to work
together to forge a new path forward. The challenge to solve a generation of
economic policies and create an economy that celebrates hard work over a
partisan agenda gained momentum today.