New Jersey tells drivers to buckle up their pets…what do YOU think of this law?


New Jersey officials are enforcing a law for drivers to “properly restrain” their pets. The law says dogs must be in a seat belt and can’t hang out windows or ride in the bed of a pickup. If the owner’s don’t obey, they face fines from $250 to $1,000 for each offense. Pet owners could also be charged with disorderly conduct under New Jersey’s animal cruelty statutes.

By the way, anyone caught without his seat belt on in New Jersey faces a maximum $46 charge for the first offense.

New Jersey isn’t the only state with a tough dog passenger law. Hawaii forbids drivers from holding a pet on their lap. In Arizona, Connecticut and Maine, drivers with pets on their laps can be charged under distracted-driving laws.

So what do YOU think? Do these laws protect you and your pet or is it an overreach? Sound off below!