A New Jersey woman sues a 13-year-old little league player…is it a frivolous lawsuit or justified? Sound off!


A little league game turns into a major league lawsuit! A New Jersey woman is seeking $150,000 from a 13-year-old baseball player. Why? She says his wild throw caused her serious injury. The incident happened in 2010, when the child was only 11 years old. He was the catcher and threw the ball to a relief pitcher in the bullpen, but the ball soared above the pitcher’s glove and into a picnic area. That’s when it hit Elizabeth Lloyd in the face.

Llyod says the young catcher’s bad throw was intentional and claims it led to severe and permanent injury. Her lawsuit even calls it “assault and battery.”

But the child’s family insists it was an accident. His father says 11-year-olds don’t always throw the ball on target and he can’t believe the accident has sparked a lawsuit.
So what do you think? Is this a frivolous lawsuit or is it justified? Post your thoughts below!