Police arrest Texas woman for ‘Speed Trap’ sign…was it fair? Sound off!


A speed trap lands a Texas woman in the slammer. Not because she was speeding…Natalie Plummer wasn’t even driving a car when she was arrested. She was riding a bike!

Here’s what happened: Plummer was riding her bike along a Houston Street when she noticed police pulling over cars. She decided to help the other drivers out. She made a sign warning them about the speed trap, parked her bike and posted the sign.

But police didn’t like that and they arrested Plummer. The charge? Standing in the street when there is sidewalk available.

Plummer insists she wasn’t standing in the street and claims police just made up an excuse to arrest her because posting a sign is not a crime. Still, Plummer spent 12 hours in jail. She was released after posting bond, but she still has to go to court on the misdemeanor charge.

We want to know what you think. Was it fair for police to arrest Plummer? Post your thoughts below.