My poor dogs ….. they will never forgive me

Yesterday my brother-in-law gave me an electric dog clippers…and today?  Oh my…my dogs look horrible!  I wanted to clip their hair to make sure they do better in this heat but I never meant for them to look like they do now!

The cut is so uneven…at best, each of the dogs looks like a cross between a skinhead and a Clydesdale horse (I can’t do their feet very well so they are all fluffy…and of course I did not do the rest of their bodies well, either….some places almost shaved to their skin.)  The more I clipped, the more uneven it got, so the more I had to clip….and the worse they looked.  I am afraid if anyone comes to our door he will call ASPCA thinking it is animal abuse (they look bad!)  These pics are the ‘before’ — there will be no ‘after’ pics.  I did leave the puppy – Dottie – alone.  It is just Olive and Audrey.