Check out this information from FNC’s Jennifer Griffin

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Below is from FNC’s Jennifer Griffin:

A senior US defense source tells Fox News that the US intercepted several streams of signals intelligence about a week ago suggesting that elements within the Syrian regime have transferred some amount of chemical agents, possibly Sarin nerve gas, to the Homs region about a week ago. The latest intelligence suggests there was movement of these agents but there is no sign that they have yet been used. According to this source, it is not clear whether this was authorized by President Bashar Assad or whether it was carried out by local commanders within the Syrian military who are frustrated that they cannot suppress the rebellion in Homs. This fact, that it may have been Generals acting on their own, indicates a possible breakdown in leadership and authority within the regime, this source concluded. So far there is no sign that the regime or Syrian military have used the agents, which may not have been weaponized, but they did move them from previously known stockpile locations. This US defense source says that the Pentagon is particularly worried because sarin can be used and released in canisters so there may not be weapons per se involved. Also sarin does not remain in the air after an attack so a lot of people could die and the regime would have “plausible deniability” that it had used a chemical agent, according to this US source. Also as background Syria is not a signatory to the 1992 international chemical weapons ban treaty. The latest intelligence is based on multiple source signals intelligence. The Pentagon is worried that if there is a breakdown and disintegration of authority and access to these chemical agents that they could somehow end up in the hands of terrorists. The signals intelligence suggests that the chemical agent has been moved, but “we don’t know where it is now,” according to the US defense source.