In case you did NOT think things are weird on Capitol Hill…read on ….

Just received the note below from my FNC colleague Chad Pergram:

Urgent: It gets weider. Senate to meet all August in Hart Building

Per Pergram-Capitol Hill


The House and Senate have now adjourned for the DAY. But that’s the only normal thing here tonight.


Because the House did not agree to the adjournment resolution, the Senate will meet at regular intravels (to meet its Constitutional requirement) 11 times over the next month. These are brief, pro forma sessions lasting only a few seconds…with no legislative business.


But this is where we step into the Twilight Zone.


The Senate chamber is was scheduled to get new carpet…over what was expected to be an August recess.


So to accommodate that, the Senate will conduct all of these sessions in room 216 of the Hart Senate Office Building.


I have no idea what this means for TV coverage since the cameras are controlled by the institution. But that’s the big hearing room there.


Here are the dates of the session:


August 3: 10:15 am

August 7: 11 am

August 10: 11 am

August 14: 2:30 pm

August 17: 11 am

August 21: 10 am

August 24: 10 am

August 28: 2:30 pm

August 31: 11:30 am

September 4: 11:30 am

September 7: 12 pm.


The Senate goes back into regular sessions on September 10 at 2:30 pm.