PICS: Pres of South Sudan who Sec Hillary Clinton met with in South Sudan

Pres 9829

When I was in South Sudan with Reverend Franklin Graham in April, he took me to dinner with the President of South Sudan (and members of his Cabinet.)  As we had dinner, we heard a bomber plane fly over.  Everyone at the table went silent — they knew the plane was sent by the President of Sudan but they did not know if it was to scare everyone or to drop a bomb.  It was obviously only to scare since no bomb was dropped on us.

Rev Graham has known the President for a long time and thus the invitation to dinner.

I took these pics.

The following days Rev Graham took me to the northern part of South Sudan and then we drove INTO Sudan and into the Nuba Mountains.  That is where we saw the people starving…hiding in caves from the bombing by President Bashir of Sudan.  On our way we saw thousands of refugees walking – no shoes, 110 degree weather, no water and no food – trying to flee the Nuba Mountains for refugee camps just across the border in Sudan.