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Have you noticed?  I just took a look at this…

In the past few months, Governor Sarah Palin has had enormous success getting long shot candidates the nominations in their party.  No one has come close to influencing primaries as much as she has.  In major races, her endorsements have been credited with making the difference between who wins and who does not.  Here are some samples: Ted Cruz (Texas), Deb Fisher (Nebraska), Richard Mourdock (Indiana) and she was credited with having an influence on Senator Orrin Hatch winning a hotly contested primary in Utah.   She has just thrown her weight behind Sarah Steelman in Missouri…and people are now watching that race.

Ask yourself, does any single person in the Republican Party wield such influence with the Republican voters?  Perhaps Governor Romney and the RNC better give her a prominent speaking role at the convention?  

If the Republican Party wants to be INCLUSIVE and if they want the Tea Party voters….the party and Gov Romney might want to ask their former candidate for VP on the Republican ticket to speak and speak during a prominent speaking time.  

 What do you think?