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Subject: Travel Pool #2

Travel pool #2

Air Force One landed at JFK Airport at 4:31 p.m. Helos taking off shortly for Connecticut.

Josh Earnest and campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki (a native of Stamford, Conn.) gaggled aboard Air Force One en route to JFK for about nine minutes, short given Jay Carney’s earlier briefing.

Mr. Earnest said the plane has received “routine” inspections and upgrades during a year-long maintenance program, including that the plane’s onboard communications system has been “modernized to better handle the communications needs of this president and future presidents.”

He called it a “crucial sustainment project.”

Asked what kind of communications upgrades, Mr. Earnest deferred to the Defense Department.


Asked if the campaign was “alarmed” by being out-raised by Mitt Romeny for the third straight month, Ms. Psaki said “we expect to be out raised” and said their focus is on having the resources and tools needed to “build the biggest grassroots campaign in history.”


She reminded us that 98 percent of their donations are $250 or less, average donation about $53. She said it’s encouraging because it means people can give again, and they’re bringing new donors in (more than 200,000 who didn’t give in 2008).

“We know we’re going to be outspent. That’s a reality,” she said.

Said their plan will translate better for middle-class voters.

She would not give an estimate of cash-on-hand.


See transcript for more.


Your pooler also notes that David Nakamura, all around good guy and great co-pooler, accidentally spilled his Cobb salad on the plane’s brand new carpet. and promptly cleaned up the mess thoroughly.




Dave Boyer

The Washington Times