Where is President Obama? Check this White House Press Pool Report



Subject: Pool #7



AF1 wheels down Pueblo Memorial Airport at 6pm. No news from the flight,

except no one in the press section is able to explain the rules of

international handball, which was the featured Olympic sport during last

leg of the flight.


Obama and Secretary Salazar again come down together and are greeted by

(per campaign):

-Phyllis Sanchez, Board of Education, Pueblo City Schools, President

-Stephanie Garcia, Board of Education, Pueblo City Schools, Member

-Ron Greenwell

-Al Gurule

-Trisha Macias

-Moussa Diawara

-Austin Richards

-John Wilson

(These last six people were identified by campaign as “grassroots



POTUS then heads over to the roughly 50 people gathered in the still-hot

twilight to see him. He’s greeted by cheers, and a round of applause, and

shouts, “Yeah,” back to them as he approaches. He also sheds his jacket, as

he shakes hands and chats (out of pooler’s ear shot.)


A few groups of people out along the roadside to see the motorcade pass,

waving and taking some pictures. No signs apparent.


POTUS arrives at his hotel at 6:35pm.


We have a lid…

[Scott Wilson of Washington Post]