White House Press Pool Report — AF1 / Denver

Subject: Pool #2 – gaggle

AF1 wheels down at Buckley Air Force Base near Denver at 11:56am local

time. (EST-2)


An uneventful flight, except of course for Jay Carney and Jen Psaki

providing a tag-team gaggle (done early enough in flight that you should

have transcript very soon, if not already.) Some highlights:

-Carney announced that POTUS called India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

from AF1 at start of flight to “express his condolences” over the Wisconsin

shooting, noting that Indian nationals were among the victims. Carney said

the leaders reiterated their shared commitment to religious freedom, and

POTUS emphasized the contributions Sikhs have made to U.S. culture and

society broadly.

-Psaki took over and discussed Colorado trip, noting that today’s events

(featuring an into from Sandra Fluke at one) underscore women’s access to

health care under the Obama administration. The actress Elizabeth Banks

participated in a camapign video released over night that Psaki said

discusses the issues for women at stake in this election.

-In general, Psaki emphasized importance of Colorado to the campaign”s

electoral-vote strategy and that this two-day trip would take POTUS to

parts of the state that voted against him in 2008 (she mentioned Grand

Junction, among others.)

“Colorado is a key state for us, we have a great ground game here, and we

know we can’t leave one stone unturned in trying to win as many votes as

possible,” Psaki said (pls check, as with all, against transcript.)

-Psaki said alternative energy would be central theme of Thursday’s events.

-On the ad wars, Carney again said he hadn’t seen the Priorities USA ad of

the man who suggests his wife died of cancer after losing his health

insurance because of Bain. He turned subject to Romney campaign welfare ad,

as he did in Tuesday briefing, calling it “dishonest,” among other things.

-Psaki suggested that because the Obama campaign has “no contact” with the

super pac that made the ad, it should not be held to the same standard of

accountability as the Romney campaign, which produced its welfare ad.

-On Romney VP choice, Psaki said Obama campaign has no idea who it will be,

but that no matter who it is “we’d much rather have Vice President Biden on

our side,” making campaign’s case.

[Scott Wilson / Washington Post]