These children are starving to death — President Bashir has burned their villages and they are fleeing

Sudan 1479

You can tell the malnutrition by the orange tint to the hair and the skin problems on the face.  If you touched their skin, you would never forget what you felt.  I never felt anything like it.    They are dying from starvation….their skin feels very different than a healthy person’s skin.

I don’t know if these two children are still alive or not – I was in Sudan and South Sudan with Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse in April and they looked very sick in April.   If they made it to a refugee camp, my guess is that they are still alive….but the walk to the camps is many days, no food, no shoes, no water and 110 degree temperatures.

How can President Bashir do this to these people?  How can anyone be that cruel?