Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is playing defense lawyer…


What is Justice Anthony Kennedy defending? That million-dollar judges’ conference in Hawaii. The lavish conference that you – the taxpayers – are paying for!

Republican Senators Jeff Sessions and Chuck Grassley called for the cancellation of the conference but the judges said no and now their convention has started. Justice Kennedy spoke at the opening ceremony and spent most of his speech defending the conference and its tropical location. Justice Kennedy saying, in part:

“It is important that this conference meet frequently in Hawaii. There is a loveliness, even a loneliness, in the Pacific that makes it fitting for us to search in quiet for the elegance and the beauty of the law.”

This week’s 9th Circuit Judicial Conference in an annual event but the chief judge says no meeting will be held next year. Is that too little too late? What do you think about the conference controversy? Post your comments below!