Looks like Governor Sarah Palin gets to say “I TOLD YOU SO” —

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Check out the headline below from the Hill dated Aug. 12.  Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Sarah Steelman in Missouri and not Todd Akin:

(In light of the very weird political drama unfolding right now in Missouri, Governor Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Sarah Steelman sure seems politically wiser than the endorsement of Rep Todd Akin!  I don’t know anything about Steelman – I did not follow the race closely – but I can’t imagine anyone could be a more difficult candidate for the Republican Party than Akin.  He potentially hands the race to his political opponent Sen Claire McCaskill plus supplies the Democratic Party with more ammo supporting their assertion that there is a Republican war on women.  Read the story below and click on the link to read more….and tell me what YOU think about all this.)

Up until her endorsement of underdog Sarah Steelman to win the Republican nomination for a Missouri Senate seat, Sarah Palin has had a golden touch, as every one of her previously endorsed candidates this election cycle – four others in Senate primaries – won in their primary races.


But while Steelman’s loss marked the end of Palin’s winning streak, it doesn’t mean Palin’s lost her touch. Rather, the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee’s effort to back a candidate unlikely to win might have helped to burnish her credentials as an ideological warrior rather than an opportunist looking for the spotlight.