Notes from my FNC colleague John Roberts


According to Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department PIO Larry McKinnon

At 2:15 this afternoon, Jason T. Wilson – DOB 4/6/81 (31 years) was walking with a small group of Occupy Tampa protestors. (this is new information – early word from police was that he was alone) Wilson and the group were inside the 1st security perimeter staffed by local and state police (not the hardened security cordon administered by USSS near the Tampa Bay Times Forum).  The location was at 701 E. Washington St. (about 5 blocks north of the Forum)

Wilson was wearing shorts and had an 8″ knife strapped to his leg.  Police officers noticed the knife and ordered Wilson to stop, telling him he was inside a zone where weapons are prohibited.  Wilson refused to stop, telling officers that he could carry whatever he wanted wherever he wanted.

When Wilson resisted, police had to restrain him and put him under arrest.  

Wilson is at the Hillsborough County jail.  He will have his ‘first appearance’ at 8am Monday morning.