Senator Marco Rubio just moments ago – a joke and some protests

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notes from my FNC colleague Jodie Curtis  (and pic from last night when Senator Rubio went ON THE RECORD at 10pm)

At the Florida delegation breakfast this morning, Rubio began his remarks by saying that although government is an important institution but not the most important institution. He joked that Florida is a swing state so those at the breakfast should be “generous with your tipping.” He was interrupted several times by protestors, and laughed it off. The first protestor yelled something about the working class and Rubio responded, “I guess he’s not happy with the hotel assignment.” When interrupted later he joked, “Where’s the hidden camera?” and as the crowd chanted Marco over the protestors he said, “Please don’t say Polo.” Rubio also took a dig at Crist without mentioning him directly, saying he ran against someone who behaved as a Democrat, and he wonders where he is now.