REVEREND FRANKLIN GRAHAM traveling back to South Sudan — holding an evangelistic Crusade (PLEASE SEE THE PICS I POSTED)

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The pic show people of the Nuba Mountains in Sudan showing Reverend Graham what they eat (when they can find it.)  Bugs…and leaves.  Can you believe it? bugs and leaves!  That is all  some have — others just starve to death.  

As you know, FNC’s Griff Jenkins and I went to South Sudan and Sudan with Reverend Franklin Graham just a few months ago.   I will never forget what I saw.  Griff won’t either.

 In the Nuba Mountain region of Sudan, we saw suffering that is indescribable – people (including children) starving to death (eating bugs and leaves if they are lucky enough to find), hiding in caves, no water,  no food, 110 weather, no shoes, walking days to find a refugee camp…their homes and churches and schools bombed and burned to the ground.  Many, many, many people have died – from bombs or starvation or dehydration.  The numbers are absolutely staggering.

And who is behind it all? Their own President – Sudan’s President Bashir.  President Bashir is already under indictment for what he did in the Darfur region and now he has turned his evil towards the people in the Nuba Mountains.  I have seen lots of death and destruction in my time and it is never easy but usually it is from natural disaster.  It feels so different when it is one’s own President and for no reason other than just because he can and because he is cruel.  This should be stopped.  You can’t stop an earthquake — but this could be stopped.  People don’t have to suffer like this.

Reverend Graham is not giving up putting attention on the plight of these people.  He has a giant heart and so do all those who work with Samaritan’s Purse and the thousands who contribute money to help them provide relief work around the world.  

Reverend Graham is headed back to South Sudan in late October (yes, I would love to work it out that I could go and cover it.  I hope that his Crusade draws much needed attention to this humanitarian crisis.  These people are really suffering  and the world needs to see what is happening to them.

  See the story below about Reverend Graham’s upcoming Crusade (and I have re posted some pics from my trip to the Sudan and South Sudan with him.  This is to remind some of you who have seen the pics before how cruel President Bashir is.  If you have not previously seen the pics, they will give you an idea how cruel this is. )


Franklin Graham Answers Call From South Sudan to Host Crusade


Sat, Sep. 01, 2012 Posted: 09:06 AM EDT


Evangelist Franklin Graham has agreed to hold an evangelistic event in South Sudan next month, answering a plea from churches in the violence-ridden region who believe that their only hope for their new country is a spiritual revival.


“The churches in South Sudan have asked that we come and hold an evangelistic Crusade so that people will hear the ‘hope of the gospel’ (Colossians 1:23),” wrote Graham last week in a statement from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. “They know this is the only message that can change lives for eternity and shape the course of their country’s future.”


South Sudan declared independence a little more than a year ago. Its capital, Juba, sits along the banks of the Nile River. Last May, the government of Sudan, a mostly-Muslim East African nation, began airlifting thousands of people to the mostly-Christian South Sudan, after all ethnic Southerners were dismissed from Sudan’s civil service following the country’s secession last year.


With increased violence in the region, the countries appear to be on the brink of a full scale war, according to Graham.


“In Acts chapter 8, verse 1, the Bible tells us, ‘At that time a great persecution arose against the church which was at Jerusalem; and they were all scattered throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria’ (NKJV),” Graham wrote. “Today, 2,000 years later, the church is still under attack. Christians are still being scattered. In Iraq, Syria, Egypt – especially in the Islamic world – Christians are suffering and being forced to flee their homes.”


In recent years, there is no place where the persecution has been greater than in Sudan, where 2 million people have been murdered over the last 20 years, he said. “Churches have been burned; pastors have been nailed to trees and their wives and daughters raped in front of their eyes by the soldiers of the Islamic Republic of Sudan. Thousands of refugees have fled across the border into South Sudan, many barely escaping with their lives,” he described.



Now to my pics to give you more of an idea how cruel President Bashir is – I have posted the pics before. The people in the first pic below are “lucky” — they walked days  (no shoes with very rough terrain and boiling hot sand) in 110 degree weather and not water and made their way to a refugee camp where Samaritan’s Purse volunteers and others have given them water and food and a place to lie down.

Reverend Graham standing in a bombed out Church

Below is a picture of the exterior of the Church where Rev Graham is standing (and yes, the Church was bombed by Pres Bashir and meant to terrorize his own people and the Christians in the region.) Look carefully in this pic and you will see the green pulpit on the altar where Rev Graham is standing in the pic above.

Look at the size of the crater Rev Graham is standing in…it gives you an idea of the size of the bombs dropped.

The child below is starving to death.  You can tell by the tint of the hair (orange.)  Both Rev Graham and I touched this child’s skin….and you could almost feel death..the skin was so thin.  I am sure that child is no longer alive.  This is the work of a very cruel President – President Bashir.

Below…another child …and obviously malnutrition…this child made it to a refugee camp and is probably still living.  The contributions people make to Samaritan’s Purse saves lives like the child below.  Every dollar means so much.   If a child makes it to where Samaritan’s Purse has set up, the child has a chance.  Very skilled volunteers (with huge hearts) work 24/7 to help save these lives.


The pic shows bugs collected and saved…and rationed for eating.  This is the most they get.  If you saw this in person, you might cry.

The pic below is Reverend Graham — always trying to keep a smile on his face to inspire others.  Note the truck is full of mud to hide it from President Bashir’s planes overhead that are looking to drop bombs on anyone — including those who are just trying to help those who are suffering immensely.

Incidentally, if you want to know more about what Samaritan’s Purse is doing, or even if you want to contribute, click here to go to their website.  

I realize there are many projects you can get involved in and some you wonder what they really do with your money…. I can tell you this: I have seen this one with my own eyes.   They make a huge difference in peoples’ lives….they save them.