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Below are some behind the scenes notes about Mrs. Obama and her speech prep:

A Senior Obama campaign source says before traveling to Charlotte Mrs. Obama worked on and practiced her speech in her office in the East Wing.


The First Lady will talk about watching up close as President Obama has confronted major issues of his Presidency (including health care and the auto bailout), and make the case that he’s put the middle-class first in his decision-making. The source expects the speech will last about 25 minutes.


The campaign source says The President and First Lady have not seen each other practice their speeches. She wants to hear his speech for the first time on Thursday.


And before Mrs. Obama speaks tonight, she will have called her daughters to see how their first day of school went today.


Below is the initial guidance I sent out last night:


· Obama campaign sources describe Michelle Obama’s Convention speech as an opportunity for the First Lady to remind people about the values and vision that drive the President forward every day. As the person who has been closest to him for the last 20 years, she can talk about the President in personal terms like no one else can, and she’s been by his side for every hard decision and every judgment call where he’s put the American people first.

Mike Emanuel

Chief Congressional Correspondent

Fox News