Ann Curry … a real journalist

I just read that Ann Curry is headed overseas (or is there now) reporting on the crisis in Syria.  Good for her!  These days many  call themselves journalists yet they never leave the studio or have a source other than the internet or others’ reports.  That is not journalism – that is reading and rehashing.  It might make for interesting discussion and debate but it sure is not old fashion journalism.

In reading about Ann Curry’s current adventure I am reminded how much I appreciate that Fox has sent me all over the United States (from Alaska to Massachusetts), and all over the world — from Afghanistan to North Korea to India ….Pakistan, Mexico…Italy…France…Germany…Peru…etc.   Fox has spent a fortune on OTR going on the road.

Yes….travel is not cheap for news organizations but without any doubt it enhances one’s ability to report and do one’s job and for that I am grateful.