Now it is Governor Romney’s turn — but I do wonder …

About 4 years ago, then Senator Obama got caught on tape at a fundraiser saying something about people clinging to religion.  It caused a campaign stink and he had to address it.  At the time I wondered, ‘who would spend a lot of money to go to a fundraiser and tape a candidate to use against him? ‘  I would think if you are laying out a lot of money for a fundraiser that you do it for someone you like, not someone you want to trap.  

Likewise I wonder who taped Governor Romney.  I read the fundraiser where the recording was made cost $50,000 to attend.   Maybe it is a supporter (a very rich one) who turns sour and changes his or her mind? or a plant financed by someone else ?  I have no idea but the excerpt from today’s New York Times (below) caught my attention….it says who “apparently” provided some help getting the tape but it does not say who did the taping:

“…The Romney video was unearthed apparently with help from James Carter, a grandson of former PresidentJimmy Carter. Mr. Carter, who lists “oppo researcher” on his Twitter bio, told New York Magazine that he had helped find the videos and get them to Mr. Corn. He is credited with “research assistance” on the Mother Jones Web site. Mr. Romney has repeatedly compared Mr. Obama to President Carter, suggesting both were failures…”