Anti-theft app leads passenger to missing iPad in flight attendant’s home


An airline passenger’s iPad disappears mid-flight and you will never guess what happened to it!

It all started when the Horizon Airlines passenger flew from Reno to San Jose. When he arrived in California he realized his iPad was missing from his carry-on luggage. The man had downloaded an anti-theft app on the iPad and tracked it to Oregon City, Oregon. The passenger called local police who went to the Oregon address, which turned out to be the home of a Horizon Airlines flight attendant!

She admitted having the iPad but claimed another passenger gave it to her after finding it on a seat. She told police she never used the iPad, but police say they found she had already put personal information on it, including her husband’s upcoming birthday!

The flight attendant is under arrest for theft and the iPad is headed back to its rightful owner. What do you think about this story? Sound off!