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While President Obama

a/ dis’d Prime Minister Netanyahu and refused to meet with him;

b/ avoided the possibility to meet with ’10 World Leaders’ per one of his aides;

c/ and instead went to THE VIEW to talk to 5 women…

d/ and yes, he did get to watch part of the Packer game last night ….told the Press today the refs call was “terrible and that we gotta get our refs back.” 

He also had time to tweet about the refs:


… Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with

 1/ President of Libya;

2/ President of Egypt and

3/  WH Press Sec said that Secretary of State Clinton is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu on Thursday!

4/ President of Yemen (and maybe others I don’t know about????)

[By the way, she has also been doing her job of meeting with Prime Minister of Lebanon, UN Sec General’s Special Rep for Syria, Iraq est….]

You tell me: who is acting more like PRESIDENT?