OTR at 10pm viewer writing about Senator Harry Reid’s remarks about Gov Romney — read and post YOUR thoughts

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— If you don’t know the controversy and the statements by Senator Harry Reid, scroll down.  I posted the controversy earlier today:

Greta ***


I am a Mormon; a member in good standing holding a temple recommend etc. Romney has been a Bishop and Stake President he has also given service to many. He will not shoot off about the service because of the scripture which says if you do your alms to be seen of men you have your reward. The scripture goes on to say that if you do your alms in secret you lay up treasures in heaven. Romney has been married and faithful to his wife for Many years. He is a good father and husband and serves his fellow man. Now he seeks to serve his country. Furthermore Romney took no salary for the Olympics or when he served as governor. Does this sound like a poor Mormon or Christian. What does Harry Reid want…to have him walk on water? Only one man ever did that and both Mitt and I reverence him as the savior of the race and His father is our God.


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